Workshop Reviews

“What I liked best was the opportunity to spend a day thinking about what my retirement may look like and recognizing the things I need to get in the place to be happy.” Sally B., Administrative Officer

“Helped focus ideas and plans for retirement, as well as providing an opportunity to meet colleagues in similar situations.” Marshall A., Bank Manager

“Terrific course – the ‘best’ retirement course I have taken – highly recommend it!” Karen F. , Teacher

“This was an awesome course! Certainly the best retirement course I’ve taken, as the others concentrate more heavily on finances. While finances are definitely integral to your retirement plan, it is still only one component.” Trang D., Business Owner

“We had lots of fun working in groups and agreed to follow up with each other to see how our individual plans are progressing. We learned that we are not alone in our apprehensions and we have many common concerns and aspirations for the ‘next chapter’ of our lives. I’m anxious to read Rick’s book and follow up on the available resources.” Vishal P., International Trading Executive

“Rick Atkinson was informative and entertaining and he really emphasized the value of developing a comprehensive plan.” Melissa C., Health Professional

“I truly discovered my weakness. Wow… I was shocked! Rick’s words come from his heart and you can feel it. I learned a lot and can’t wait to read his book. Thank You!” Margarite R., Newly Retired Office Worker

“This seminar has started me thinking about retirement. Please have Rick return in the future – he is a great speaker. Very interesting and informative. Makes you want to plan more.” Wenjing Z., Transport Driver

“A great variety of discussion, lecture, writing and brainstorming. Very ‘generative’ for creating planning and thought.” Justin S., Financial Advisor

“Retirement doesn’t mean no more work – it will impact my whole life!” Paulo T., Carpenter

“The whole function was very well done and informative. Wish I had this seminar years ago.” Jennifer W., Corrections Officer



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