Satisfied Reader:  Rick Atkinson has written a wonderful retirement guide that is relevant to everyone –  whether 30 years from retirement or it’s just around the corner.  Easy to read, practical and filled with excellent advice, this book combines important information with useful exercises that, together, ensure you have everything you need to plan for a successful retirement.  Covering the financial, emotional, and physical aspects of retirement, this book is a must-read for anyone who wants to truly enjoy their ‘golden years’.  Karen S. (Union Member)

Happy Retiree: I’m so glad I attended Rick’s workshop.  It gave me the direction and understanding I needed to begin my retirement planning.  Ken O. (Business Owner)

Concerned Group:  Thanks so much for inviting Rick to speak at our meeting.  His insights are so important – Rick certainly helped me. The workshop information my friend needs, my neighbour needs and I need.  So many people I know are not having a good time in retirement.  Walter R. (Probus member)

Satisfied Reader:  Strategies for Retiring Right! is lighthearted and easy-reading.  True money is important but it’s not everything.  Atkinson’s book talks about the day-to-day issues facing retirees and helps them actively plan for success in retirement.  I highly recommend this book for anyone approaching retirement or who has recently retired.  James R. (Newly Retired)

Registered Nurse:  I’m so glad I attended Rick’s workshop.  He saved my life!  Jean H. (Hospital Nurse)

Happy Retiree (2):  Strategies for Retiring Right! got me started building my retirement plan. By the time retirement rolled around, I was well underway implementing my strategies for leisure, health and wellbeing.  I’ve begun actions to enhance my relationship with my spouse, friends and others.  I am happy and contented.  Helen J. (Office Worker)

Happy Retiree (3):  My advice is: begin your planning early.  Sign up for one of Rick’s workshops.  We all need information, direction and encouragement for getting retirement right!  Wilma T. (Museum Volunteer)

Great Speaker:  Rick is extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken.  I could have listened to him for hours.  His experience and true-to-life stories really hit home.  Bert A. (Rotary Member)

Satisfied Attendee:  Best retirement workshop I’ve ever attended. Next time I’m going to bring my spouse.  I just loved the case studies and small group discussions.  Frank S. (Municipal Employee)

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