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A Good Investment

Strategies for Retiring Right! is an insightful and thought provoking book that covers many items that we may not have even considered.  It is an excellent book for all those preparing for retirement.  It does not try to answer health or financial questions but directs the reader to seek the qualified ones who can. Instead it concentrates on how we should approach retirement and looks at it in many ways, typically holistically and morally, while spelling out in simple terms how to get all of our ‘ducks in a row’.  A subject the author is obviously well qualified to do.  Written in two parts, the first covering all the actions required in developing a plan for t future and the second showing how to apply all of these in real life terms.  It is extensive and detailed, logical in its approach and described in easily understood steps.  It is the perfect manual, not only for those approaching retirement age but also for those of the younger generation who are looking for some order and sense in their current life plan, in this world today.  Highly recommended.  (5 Stars) petermca

A Balanced and Holistic Approach to the Topic of Retirement Planning

While I’d been focused for years on the financial aspects of retirement, I had given little thought to what it really meant to enter this new stage in life.  This book really helped me see that entering retirement without a concrete plan for how I will spend my time can lead to disappointment.  Being financially ready is not the same thing as being mentally ready, and Rick’s book focus on how to become mentally prepared.  This book takes a far more holistic and balanced approach to a topic that for far too long has focused almost exclusively on financial preparedness.  (5 Stars) danimart

Excellent Book & Workbook

I thought that the book was very thorough and the workbook is excellent.  The workbook gets you to visualize your retirement and write down all your retirement goals and your ‘bucket list’. I also liked the “Health and Wellbeing Strategy” – Exercise 4.  Keeping active, fit and exercising a number of times weekly keeps you out of the hospital!!!  I have a goal now to increase my range of motion and sports activity during my retirement years.  Jim and I have also prepared our travel ‘bucket list’ for the next 10 – 15 years, places and cultures we want to explore.  Also, to keep learning and reading, it keeps your mind active.   Being engaged in your community, volunteering is important as well. (5 Stars) Jann

A Huge Help for My Husband

I bought this book for my husband, who has pretty well backed off his work world the past two years.  At first reluctant, he finally read the book.  Then worked the book,  given its rather amazing interactive format.  Then he got serious about planning how to do better at living the rest of his life.  He says this book has helped expand his understanding and approach to what successful retiring can be about.  And also his enthusiasm for doing it right for himself and us.  You really can’t ask for more than that!

(5 Stars) Amazon Customer

Excellent Guide to Retiring Successfully

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to planning for retirement, Strategies for Retiring Right!, the new book by retirement specialist Rick Atkinson, is an excellent place to begin.  Even if you think you have retirement figured out or are already retired, this book offers some unique insights that you may not have thought about.  There is much more here than the usual financially-focused retirement planning advice.

Atkinson, who is also the author of the best seller, Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It! presents a holistic approach to retirement in two parts.

Part One provides an introduction to the topic of retirement planning and a detailed accounting of the eponymous retirement strategies of which there are seven.  These include defining your legacy, relationships, communication, budgeting, proactively organizing papers and researching services you may need, using a mentor, and writing things down.  The book is liberally sprinkled with anecdotes and quotes from people the author has encountered through his consulting and speaking business.

Part Two provides guidance and work sheets to help readers develop and implement their own unique retirement vision and plan by creating goals for retiring right and action items to achieve these goals.  For example, there is a detailed procedure and worksheets to help work out where you should live in retirement.

There is much to consider when planning retirement, and Atkinson’s book is a useful guide to ensure you cover all the bases.

(4 Stars) Gail Bebee, Canada’s Independent Voice on Personal Finance

It’s Like Dating!

My husband and I bought your book and each read it independently before discussing the contents.  During the summer we shared our thoughts and ideas about retirement centering on the strategies contained in Strategies for Retiring Right!  We had many thought-provoking discussions – It’s like dating!  Many thanks for your wonderful insights, examples and exercises.  We are feeling much better about our upcoming retirement and our relationship benefitted also.  (5 Stars) Wendy J.

Strategies for Retiring Right – Roth’s Canadian Book Review Blog

One of the newest topics that is becoming very much in vogue now is retirement.  There are many people who are ready for retirement and can afford to, but they are petrified about what they will do when they retire.  So, there are many new books appearing in this niche to ease people’s uneasiness into retirement.

This is a book that will help all of us retire in a timely manner.  There is life after work.  And there are new identities that we can form after the professional identity that we had while we were working.  You just have to find it and make certain you do it right!  This is extremely important because retirement will likely to the second longest period of your life.  And it could be the best part of your life with a bit of planning and open-mindedness.  To help you to get on the right path, this book, is a must read for every Canadian who is about to retire.

His previous book is also an important one for people about to retire.  You may want to pick it up too.  It is called Don’t Just Retire – Live It, Love It! It’s a practical guide offering profound insights, true stories, and hands-on exercises.

This book (Strategies for Retiring Right!) covers essential topics such as creating a holistic approach to retirement, understanding the need for balanced leisure lifestyle, choosing where to live, taking charge of your retirement development, and following the seven strategies for retirement success.

So, if you are about to retire, please do yourself a favour and pick up a copy of this book.  You will then be able to retire without feeling like your life is over.

Our retirement years can be the best times of our lives.  We must retire before it is too late and we get too sick and old to enjoy all the wonderful things in life.

I loved this book!  I plan to give everyone I know that is about to retire a copy of it.

Rating: 5 Stars 

Reviewed by:  Irene S. Roth

Irene Roth’s Canadian Book Review Blog (world’s largest site for readers & book recommendations)

Lots of good advice, things to think about and take action. Was going to pass the book along to a friend but decided to be selfish and keep it as a reference guide for the years ahead.  Janet.  Goodreads user

Rating: 5 Stars

Thinking of Retiring? Read this book first!

My husband and I are in our early 50s and have just started talking about Retirement Planning. We didn’t quite know where to start. We found this book an invaluable resource as it not only gave us insight into what areas we needed to start thinking about, but it allowed us to create a customized plan for ourselves by using the exercises and checklists in the second part of the book. Author Rick Atkinson asks us to take a holistic approach when planning for a successful retirement. The chapters in Part one of the book offer strategies such as, Choosing Where to Live, Creating a Legacy, Improving Communication, Sticking to a Budget, and Putting things in Writing. The chapters in Part Two offer goal setting exercises and checklists related to the chapters discussed in Part One. The second part does take some time to go through and requires some soul searching, brainstorming and research in order to develop future goals. It is well worth investing the time to do this however, because with a plan in place, we believe we now have the blueprint for a successful retirement. (5 Stars) C. Stainsby (Amazon Customer)